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Pam Wall
Returns to speak at the Newport International Boat Show
3.5 Hour Pre-Paid Workshops ($75.00 each)

Pam will unveil an expanded speaking program on Saturday and Sunday, September 17th & 18th.

Location: Seminar Program will take place at the Seaman’s Church Institute, Library (on the Bowen’s Wharf Show Site)

Topic: Outfitting for Blue Water Cruising
Date/Time: Saturday, September 17th, 12:30 to 4:00 PM


Topic: Cruising the Bahamas
Date/Time: Sunday, September 18th, 12:30 to 4:00 PM

This is your opportunity to get the most information possible. Pam is chock-full of good advice. Her infectious enthusiasm for cruising is more complete than ever before! Attendee questions during the workshop are welcome.


Outfitting for Blue Water Cruising workshop: This 3- plus hour workshop will give you insight into all her important information on what a well-found, safe, efficient and comfortable cruising boat should have aboard. Pam explains necessary equipment to have aboard like the right ground tackle, the downwind pole set up, awnings for sun protection, solar panels, heavy weather sailing, and comfort and practical ideas for below deck as well as on deck. Here is a chance to take advantage of Pam's many miles of sailing, her trials and errors, and what she has found works best that will work for you and your cruising boat. This is a workshop not to miss, specially planned for Saturday, so you can meet up with the vendors at the Boat Show and find out even more information on what she suggests during her workshop.

On Sunday, Pam will present her updated 3.5-hour workshop: "Cruising The Bahamas".

Of the many miles Pam has sailed around the world and across the Atlantic Ocean, her favorite place is the unique Bahamas. These close-by islands offer a cruising ground unmatched in the entire world! Join Pam in her enthusiasm and knowledge of this magnificent cruising area. You will learn about crossing the Gulfstream, weather patterns for all year, great routes to sail, all the many favorite anchorages she loves and why she likes them, anchoring techniques, essentials to take with you, and so much more. It will be hard for you to sit in your seat after this presentation as you will want to cast off with all this local knowledge for a marvelous cruise in the Bahamas! And best of all, Pam will answer all your questions!

Come aboard, and sail away with incredibly good advice from Pam who just loves the cruising lifestyle, and presents with an enthusiastic style that will have you wanting even more!

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Assessing Your Self Reliant Marine Weather Skills...An Introduction
to the Surface Pressure Chart

Saturday, September 17th
8:00 - 11:30 a.m., Seaman’s Church Institute - Library
18 Market Square, Newport, RI (on the Bowen’s Wharf Show site)
3.5 Hour Pre-Paid Seminar/ Workshop ($75.00)

This workshop begins with a discussion of the hierarchy for marine weather prediction and vessel routing, which includes the VERY important discussion of the marine advisory, watch and warning system used by the National Weather Service (NWS) marine program.

  • These include Small Craft Advisories (SCA), Gale, Storm, and Hurricane Force Warnings, which includes Bays (such as Narraganset Bay), the pre-set boundaries called marine forecast zones that encompass coastal and over-lapping offshore waters of New England, the High Seas region of the North Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea; all in accordance with international treaty obligations.
  • Specific weather chart types for collection and layout display enabling a boater’s logical forecast processing for interpretation, and ultimate route decision making.
  • Importance of human intelligence input into marine weather forecasts and the correct role and use of the widely popular and highly utilized “Gridded Binary” (GRIB) files.
  • Introduction of a surface pressure weather chart with its depicted symbols, such as the surface station weather observation plot, along with challenging the audience on what they know, or don’t know, by highlighting specific systems (e.g. low & high pressure systems and their associated barometric pressure readings, wind direction/speed and present weather conditions, relative to a given vessel’s position).
  • This workshop takes an in-depth look at surface pressure charts:
    • Attendees will practice determining true wind direction & speed barbs from a surface pressure chart depicting low and high pressure systems.
    • Discuss other various surface pressure chart symbols such as the characteristics and features of low and high pressure systems (e.g. fronts, troughs, ridges, squall lines, dry and shear lines, the monsoon trough, the ITCZ, and frontal character change symbols).
    • Review of cloud groups and types associated with the aforementioned features as well as precipitation classification affecting visibility.
    • Discussion on reinforcement exercise built around the specific aforementioned symbols gleaned from surface pressure charts.
    • Practice exercise to consolidate the difference between “Issued” & “Valid” on the surface pressure chart.
    • Understanding the 24 -hour interval tracking of directional movement and intensity trends of the low and high pressure centers on the surface pressure analyses and forecast charts as generated and transmitted by the NWS’s Ocean Prediction Center (OPC)… such as 48-hour interval tracking of surface low & high pressure systems.
    • Practice exercise on the ability to identify specific weather conditions associated with map symbols (such as associated clouds, visibility restricting weather conditions associated with fog, or precipitation types; rain, or thunderstorms).
    • Ref: The NWS marine advisory, watch, and warning program; scenario for attendees to consider strategy options before leaving the dock, and after leaving the dock.

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Tropical Cyclone Basics & The 1-2-3 Rule for Avoidance
Sunday, September 18th, 8:00 - 11:30 a.m.
Seaman’s Church Institute - Library
18 Market Square, Newport (on the Bowens’ Wharf Show site)
3.5 Hour Pre-Paid Workshop ($75.00)

  • This workshop will discuss the basics of tropical cyclone systems (hurricanes) and their impact in the Gulf of Mexico, the North Atlantic and the Eastern North Pacific Oceans (Mexican West Coast), and sometimes Hawaii. Tropical yclones are different in size and dynamics than their middle latitude cousins (both provide their challenges to all boaters).
  • The environmental conditions that are necessary for tropical weather systems’ development and behavior are VERY different from those of middle latitude (30-60 degrees) origins as well, so this particular seminar will complement Lee Chesneau’s Assessing Your Self Reliant Marine Weather Skills… An Introduction to the Surface Pressure Chart Workshop.
  • There are also hostile environments that these tropical weather systems encounter frequently, whether transiting over cooler waters or the entrainment of drier air, moving over land, and experiencing strong winds aloft.
  • More importantly for boaters, the lead time for avoidance and strategies will be different in time and space over open high seas waters than over coastal areas.
  • Thus, we introduce the 1-2-3 Rule for Avoidance, concentrating on the 34 knot wind radii. We will also breakdown the Tropical Cyclone Message (TCM) for interpretation, clarity and application. The Hurricane Season in the Eastern North Pacific (began May 15th) which is earlier than the North Atlantic (began June 1st) … both end on the 30th of November).

The hands-on portion of this workshop is a practical exercise that will include:

  • Interpreting the advisory message issued every 6 hours known as the Tropical Cyclone Message (TCM) and constructing a “Danger Area to Avoid”.
  • practice walk-through exercise, applying the 1-2-3 Rule for the Gulf of Mexico & Caribbean Sea.

Although there are no pre-requisites for this workshop it is strongly recommended to attend our Saturday session "Lee Chesneau’s - Assessing Your Marine Weather Self Reliant Skills…… An Introduction to the Surface Pressure Chart", which will further enhance your appreciation of the complexities of the surface marine weather environment impacting boaters whether power or sail, coastal or offshore blue water.

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